HOWTO enable SSH access

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This article is part of the How-To series.


This article explains how to enable SSH access to your pfSense box. Note that you normally will not need to enable this, it's typically only used for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.


In order to enable SSH, you'll need to go under the System -> Advanced menu in the WebGUI.

  • On that page, there is a setting for Enable Secure Shell.
    • Enable SSH.jpg
  • Tick the checkbox to enable SSH access (by default, it's only allowed from your LAN subnet) and click Save.
  • Don't forget to apply changes if prompted.

On pfSense 1.2.x, there was a box here to enter authorized SSH keys. On pfSense 2.x, these keys are added to the individual users under System > User Manager.

The SSH daemon may also be enabled or disabled from the console using Option 14 on the menu.