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Feel free to yell at me if something needs changed.

Visual Editor

Pretty please can we have Visual Editor? It is a bit of a bugger to set up (especially Parsoid) and the documentation on MW is a bit dodgy in places. I will soon be doing a major session on my corp wiki and writing it all up - this is part 1 (WIP): I apologise for using Ubuntu in my docs but it is hard enough getting a bunch of Windows lovers to pitch in. Mention Gentoo or Arch amongst others and they run a mile. My plan is to create a series of procedures that are stripped to the bare essentials aimed at sysadmins who want to throw together a wiki with quite a few extras, without spending ages faffing around. Anyway, since I put VE on our wiki, contributions have shot through the roof.

Gerdesj (talk) 17:02, 26 October 2017 (CDT)