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Tips and Tricks

  • None yet, coming soon.

Current Projects


  • Zerina ported to pfSense. This packages has some very nice features for OpenVPN customization and automation. ETA: Sometime in the future.

In Process

  • XORP ported to pfSense. This project is currently in-process for being included in HEAD, the next major release of pfSense. ETA: By the time 1.3 (or the next major branch) is determined. Also see my XORP Development Page.


  • Link Aggregation and Failover for pfSense (EtherChannel and LACP) including 802.1q VLAN Trunking across aggregate ports.
    • It looks like the lagg(4) driver in FreeBSD 7 may suit our needs. It's been backported to 6.2, and is now built in to the pfSense kernel.
    • 100% Code complete for WebGUI integration in HEAD.
    • Will be in the next major version of pfSense, 1.3 (or whatever it happens to be).
    • Also check out the LAGG FAQ for additional info.

My Contributions