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This page has two sections. The first section is tutorials for beginners to pfSense. The second is for for more experienced users. If you can help by creating more tutorials, please see the bottom of the page.


Beginner Tutorials

  • Installation Screenshots for pfSense 1.2-RC3. These are the first screen shots you will see when you are booting up pfSense from CDROM for the first time.,7356.0.html

  • This tutorial guides the user through the configuration of the Captive Portal function with local user manager. These is a second tutorial below that gets into more features of the CP.

  • After you have pfSense installed you may want to add a WiFi Interface. This tutorial will help guide you through the configuration.

  • Installing pfSense on PC Engines WRAP

  • Installing pfSense in VMware

Advanced Tutorials

  • Set-up transparent Squid Web Proxy with failover on multi-WAN links (external PDF file)

  • OpenVPN road warrior and site to site

  • Configuring IPsec-tunnels with 2 pfSense-systems between static IP and dynamic IP

  • Building a fully redundant Cluster with 2 pfSense-systems between WAN/LAN with CARP & pfsync / pfSense CARP & pfsync failover-simulation

  • Configuring the captive portal with an external radiusserver (Windows 2003 DC)

  • Configuring the captive portal with the integrated user manager

  • Setting up pfSense as transparent firewall (external link)

  • BSD Dual Wan Router (external link)

  • squidGuard and pfSense

Sending in your tutorials

The tutorials you see here are made with Wink. Wink is a very nice and intuitive tool and best of all: it's free! So if you want to support the project feel free to send in a tutorial. For consistency, you should compile your tutorial with this theme-pack containing the preloader, buttons and the progress bar in pfSense-style. Just extract the archive in your Wink directory and select these files for your project.

Requesting a tutorial

If you need help on a specific configuration and think you are not the only one who needs help on this topic you might consider sending a tutorial request to the support mailing list.