Multi-Link PPP (MP/MLPPP)

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Multilink PPP (MP or MLPPP) is included in pfSense and is known to work with a number of providers.

A simple MLPPP connection requires only two tasks:

  • Create a PPPoE group with member interfaces
  • Assign PPPoEx to WAN

Create a PPPoE group with member interfaces

  1. Navigate to Interfaces > (assign) on the PPPs tab
  2. Click + to create a new PPP connection
  3. Choose PPPoE for Link Type
  4. Select multiple interfaces using the ctrl key for Link interface(s)
  5. Make other changes on this page as required by the ISP (username, password, etc.)
  6. Click Save

Assign PPPoEx to WAN

  1. Navigate to Interfaces > (assign)
  2. Choose the new PPPOE interface a the desired interface (usually WAN), or click + to add a new interface and select it there.
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Apply Changes

Using VLANs with MLPPP

When creating a PPPoE group, VLANs may be used rather than physical interfaces to connect multiple modems to pfSense. This makes sense particularly in larger setups where it is neither practical nor necessary to install and allocate a physical NIC into pfSense for every modem.

This approach requires creating the necessary VLAN interfaces in pfSense and selecting those as member interfaces when creating the PPPOE connection in PPPs.


  • Changes made on the PPPs page do not take effect until Apply Changes is clicked on the interface configuration page, e.g. Interfaces > WAN. Therefore, when making changes to PPPs, go first to Interfaces > WAN and click Save. Make changes on PPPs and click Save there, then go back to Interfaces > WAN and click Apply Changes.

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