Intel e1000 power save

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From Paul M in a post to support@, in reference to "em0: Watchdog timeout -- resetting" problem.

we had this, it was very odd, it only started happening when we upgraded the bios on a tyan motherboard to fix other problems, the firewalls had never shown the problem before.
in desperation we tried a fix which we'd only ever previously used for linux - there used to be a problem with the e1000 driver when power saving is enabled in the e1000's eeprom. the fix worked, and I applied it by booting a linux rescue disk and ran the eeprom fix program that I got from the e1000 sourceforce website; their wiki seems to have disappeared so I can't find the script, so I've placed a copy here:
if you have the problem on linux you get "detected tx unit hang" thus:

Also mirrored here: