IPsec Compatibility

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IPsec Compatibility

Any device supporting standard IPsec can be connected with pfSense. This page lists some that are known to be in active use, though it shouldn't be considered complete. Most every device in existence that supports IPsec is in active use somewhere.


Cisco routers

Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls

Checkpoint NG

DLink VPN Routers

Draytek VPN routers

IBM z/OS mainframes


Juniper routers and firewalls

Kerio Control

LANCOM VPN Routers with LCOS

Linksys VPN Routers



Nortel Contivity

Palo Alto Networks


StoneGate Firewall/VPN


Zyxel firewalls

And many more

... and we know there are many more. If a device is not listed and is known to work with pfSense for IPsec, please email[1] with info and reference the URL of this article. Thanks!