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Filer is a small package that allows writing text files onto the file system. The contents of the files are stored in the configuration, so a backup of the config.xml from the firewall will include these. Files are always overwritten; no changes made directly to the files will be reflected in config.xml. No additional binaries or packages are used.

Filer includes XMLRPC sync so that all members in a cluster can have the same set of files.

The primary purpose of this package is to create quick shell scripts to be called with the cron package, so that a script scheduled via cron could be completely included in a configuration backup.


Each file entry includes an optional permissions parameter. Here the permissions may be specified as octal values like as they would for chmod (644, 700, 0677, etc.). If the box is left blank, the file's permissions are left alone if it exists. If it doesn't exist, it is created and this package does not modify its permissions, so it will inherit normally; that is it will have the same permissions it would if it was created with touch or using a similar method.

Recent Changes

  • 0.50 - First version.

pfSense package creator

Brian Scholer, using code mercilessly stolen from the Varnish package.