Fatal error: Cannot redeclare crypt data

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If the following error is received after updating pfSense to 2.1.2-RELEASE:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare crypt_data() (previously declared in /etc/inc/crypt.inc:35)
in /etc/inc/crypt_acb.php on line 43

It may be fixed by using the console/ssh shell, or Diagnostics > Command to run:

rm /etc/inc/crypt_acb.php /usr/local/pkg/autoconfig*

Make sure there are no spaces between the g and *. After running that command, reboot the firewall.

If packages were installed installed, they may require a reinstall by going to Diagnostics > Backup/restore and clicking Reinstall all packages.

Afterward, go to System > Packages. If no packages show installed, then first reinstall the AutoConfigBackup package and then any other packages that were missing.