Dashboard widgets won't update (Stuck at "Updating in 10 seconds")

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When upgrading between major versions of pfSense, a condition can occur leading to the Dashboard widgets not updating properly. The most obvious symptom is the CPU activity being stuck saying "Updating in 10 seconds".

There are three ways this can happen.

Leftover File from Upgrade

One way this can happen is if a file (sajax.js) is not properly removed during the upgrade, or is re-added after the upgrade process has cleaned up.

To fix this issue, look for the file /usr/local/www/javascript/index/sajax.js - If it is present on a system running 2.0 or later, it should be removed.

The only file that should exist in that directory is "ajax.js"

Browser Caching

Clear the browser cache to make sure that it obtains the newest copies of JavaScript files from the firewall.

Ad Blocking Add-ons

If the browser has an ad blocking add-on such as AdBlock Plus, it may be blocking the AJAX update call because it's fetching getstats.php, which it believes (incorrectly) is for ads/tracking.