Can I restore a m0n0wall configuration to pfSense

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Important30.png WARNING Important30.png
The configuration formats of both systems have diverged over the years. As both systems progress, this is less and less likely to work.

The restore functionality in pfSense can be used to restore certain m0n0wall configuration backups. Due to significant differences in the traffic shaper, any traffic shaping configuration in a restored m0n0wall configuration will be ignored. Everything else should be converted to a pfSense configuration and work the same as it did with m0n0wall.

If a m0n0wall version that supports IPsec filtering was in use, and are using a pfSense release earlier than 1.2.3-RC3, manual changes to the config are required to avoid having a non-working system. Every instance of <interface>ipsec</interface> in the config will need to be replaced with <interface>enc0</interface>. The configuration converter in current releases up to and including 1.2.2 was created before m0n0wall supported IPsec filtering, and m0n0wall implemented it differently than pfSense had already implemented it.